Carr's Crackers Plain 4.25oz

Carr's. Table Water Crackers. Original. Perfect for topping with hummus, cheese, or sliced meat, Carr's original table water crackers are a great addition to any restaurant or catered event. A great cracker for creating elaborate charcuterie boards, these crackers are a delicious addition to any appetizer platter. Light and crisp, these crackers will delight your guests. Spread a thin layer of garlic and herb cream cheese on each cracker. Top with a thin slice of cucumber or smoked meat for a savory treat your guests will love. You can also use these crackers with fig jam or your favorite fruit preserves for a sweet addition to go along with coffee or tea service. Perfect for buffets and catered events, these crackers are a great addition to appetizer platters and the perfect snack at conference receptions and dinners. These crackers are baked in a brick oven for a thin and crisp texture. With a fairly simple look and taste, these crackers pair well with a variety of toppings. With a dedication to excellence, Carr's strives to provide customers with the very best crackers on the market. Simple ingredients and a passion for quality, Carr's is a brand you can trust. Perfect for catering and entertaining, Carr's offers a wide selection of crackers including original, cracked pepper, toasted, sesame, rosemary, and more! When you're looking for the ideal cracker, look no further than Carr's.