Fried Kibbeh (8 Units)

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Kibbeh is the national dish of Lebanon and Syria. There are also many variations of it found in the Levantine countries of Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and Turkey.

Kibbeh, an oval-shaped meatball, is made with bulgur wheat, ground meat, pine nuts and lots of herbs.

Traditionally, kibbeh is served with several dishes. In some countries, it’s served with soup, in some others with empanadas, salsa verde, tahini, tofu, or requeijao. You can also serve the kibbeh with chickpea salad, hummus, chickpea salad, or with pita bread.

Directions:Frozen product. Remove the film. You can fry them in a pan. You can also bake it in a conventional oven or the air Fryer

Category: Appetizers, Beef, Sides