Limonatta Organic Sparkling. San Pellegrino 6.75oz (200ml)

Take the time for the fresh taste from Sicily with Sanpellegrino® Limonata Organic!

This premium sparkling lemon drink is made with organic Sicilian lemons, organic cane sugar and has a lemon aroma to give you the authentic Italian taste experience.

Characterized by its fine bubbles in a vivid yellow drink, Limonata Organic has the intense aroma and the vibrant flavors of lemons.

Its sweetness is balanced with a pleasant and crisp acidity. Pair it with sunshine, and enjoy the invigorating sensation!

Limonata Organic is best served cold at 42-46 °F.

Drink it neat, or with a fresh basil leaf and a pinch of salt in a low tumbler for a unique drink experience.

Category: Beverages