Matilde Vicenzi Amarettino Cookies, 3.53 oz (100 g)

Matilde Vicenzi Amarettino cookies are a mini version of Vicenzi’s classic Amaretto d’Italia macaroons. With its pleasantly sweet flavor and a touch of bitterness from apricot kernels, Amarettino provides a mouthwatering, round, and bite-size treat characterized by the addictive crunchy texture. Amaretti cookies are classic Italian treats that were supposedly invented in the middle ages. Named after the Italian “amaro,” meaning bitter in reference to the bitter almonds or apricot kernels they contain, amaretti cookies vary from soft to crispy. Soft amaretti, also known as Amaretti morbidi and crisp Amaretti di Saronno cookies, are naturally gluten-free biscuits that mainly consist of almond or apricot kernel flour, egg whites, and sugar. With their signature bitter and nutty flavor, these authentic Italian delights and a wide variety of other Italian classics such as Baci di Dama, ladyfingers, Cantuccini, and more can be found in our wide selection of Italian cookies! Matilde Vicenzi is an artisanal family-ow

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