Nutella Spread Mini 0.88 oz

Treat your patrons to the fine taste of this smooth and creamy Nutella hazelnut spread! It spreads easily on top of crepes, pancakes, toast, and croissants.Nutella selects fresh raw materials and quality ingredients to make their signature hazelnut spread. Today, Nutella is known the world over for its unique flavor, but the recipe originally began as a delicious solution to the shortage of cocoa following World War II. It's made with sugar, skim milk, finely-ground hazelnuts, and hints of rich cocoa. All of the ingredients are blended together into a silky smooth paste and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. This .88 oz. mini glass jar of Nutella provides an upscale alternative to standard portion packets for your bed and breakfast or hotel room service. It gives patrons just the right amount to spread on their foods and will help your establishment control portion costs. Upgrade your dining experience and serve Nutella hazelnut spread in this attractive, mini glass jar!

Category: Cookies & Sweets