Zucchini Raviolis filled with sun dried tomatos and goat Cheese (16 Units)

This zucchini ravioli is here to show you that zucchini can do anything pasta can do, but better… This low carb pasta dish is so full of flavor, you won’t miss those gluten bomb noodles for a second! It’s a great one to add them to your low carb meals, whether you’re counting your carbs, or just trying to make healthier food choices, because sneaking in an extra serving of greens is always a win, especially with recipes like this low carb ravioli, where you truly won’t notice the swap. Serve this for low carb dinners and save leftovers for lunch! You’re going to love it! 2-3 Servings (16 Units) Frozen Product Directions: Remove the ravioli from the bag. Place them in a pot and cover them with a sauce of your choice. Heat for 10 minutes. You can also heat them in the conventional oven.

Category: Appetizers, Pastas